The ski profile makes it easier to wax skate and classic cross-country skies. The girder of the profile is screwed to the table with two mushroom head bolts M6.
The ski binding is fixed to the profile with a special grip, which protects the ski from damage and at the same time provides very stable mounting. Additionally, the ski is protected as tyhe nose of the ski is blocked with a strap.
The ski is placed on two arms covered with foam rubber. The arms can be easily adjusted to the ski length. The maximum length of the ski is 220 cm and the minimum length is 135 cm.
The ski profile can be affixed to Pro-Alu-Plus, Prpo-Alu or Standard Servicing Tables produced by GEBEK. 
Stationary cross-country ski profile (SN2)
The girder is made of steel and the arms are made of lightweight aluminium.
The profile is powder coated in the following colours: yellow (RAL 1003), red (RAL 3002) and green (RAL 6005).